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a relational video grammar: grammas grammat

A Relational Video Grammar: Grammas Grammat (2013, 07:53 Mins.)
Directed by Kate Pelling featuring Michael Twaits
Published by Fifth Floor Publications
All rights reserved.
IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2637160/combined

A Relational Video Grammar
is a series of experimental videos that study the production of speech in artists' direct address to camera. For each of the videos within this series the subject is left alone and invited to talk directly to the camera for 30 minutes, the video material is then edited to examine the relationships between the subject, the generation of speech and the editor/editing process. A Relational Video Grammar: Grammas Grammat (2013, 07:53 Mins.) explores the grammatical layering present within the process of artists' direct address to camera; considering the juxtaposition of generated language, gestural language and a video grammar of editing and framing. The video features Michael Twaits.