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Unplanned HORNET



Unplanned HORNET (2020, 04:32 Mins.)
Directed by Kate Pelling
All rights reserved.

'Unplanned HORNET' by Kate Pelling (2020, 04:32 Mins.) is about not having control of a situation. The video was recorded in May 2020 at a time when, for the third time in two years, the artist had lost all of her paid work, this time due to the Corona pandemic. The hornet stands as a metaphor for ever-present financial precarity and the video explores the effect that has on making artwork. However, it is not a bleak situation, there is laughter and a feeling of forging ahead when the artist attempts to discuss the topic of editing, which is a recurring theme throughout her practice. The techniques used to edit the video, including blind editing which involves making cuts to the video without looking at the footage, continue the idea of not being in control. Editing is also used to address a misunderstanding about the nature of the threat, but the mistake is retained along with the 'corrections', so that the history of the process remains visible.