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I'm sorry I abandoned you



I'm sorry I abandoned you (2019, 02:14 Mins.)
Directed by Kate Pelling
All rights reserved.

'I'm sorry I abandoned you' by Kate Pelling (2019, 02:14 Mins.) signals a return to direct address to camera following a break of 6 years. The title refers to the artist's abandonment of her research into video editing and also deals with accusations that she abandoned her native country of the UK at a time of political upheaval for a new life in Germany. The video uses a process the artist developed called 'blind editing', which involves making cuts to the video without looking at the footage. This blind editing process is combined with drawings that simultaneously highlight the 'jumpiness' of the cuts and also provide an abstracted narrative thanks to the Kuleshov effect. The figures, real and drawn versions, provide an anchor to harness the brutal editing technique – suggesting that, even in a harsh environment, the artist has never abandoned herself or her drawing practice.