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50 Wigs:Experiments



50 Wigs: Experiments (2023, 05:14 Mins.)
Directed by Kate Pelling
All rights reserved.

'50 Wigs: Experiments' by Kate Pelling (2023, 05:14 Mins.) is part of a series of works examining the successes and failures of collections and community. The 50 wigs were collected by the artist over many years and most of them have appeared in previous video works. The wigs provide layered narratives within the work as well as acting as an absurd kind of ‘community’. '50 Wigs: Experiments' uses 50 experimental editing techniques to examine the sentence 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog'. Each wig and editing process brings something new to the sentence, although some of the editing processes are more successful than others. The editing processes are the result of knowledge gained from editing previous works,    some of which are referenced in the video, and through the online video editing community, which is an important source of information for any video editor.