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50 Wigs: Drawing



50 Wigs: Drawing (2021, 05:09 Mins.)
Directed by Kate Pelling
All rights reserved.

'50 Wigs: Drawing' by Kate Pelling (2021, 05:09 Mins.) is the first of a series of works examining 'community'. The 50 wigs were collected by the artist over many years and most of them have appeared in previous video works. The wigs provide layered narratives within the work as well as acting as an absurd kind of ‘community’. '50 Wigs: Drawing' employs a familiar cliché within performance to camera – drawing on the body – so with each wig, a mark is added to ultimately create an abstract drawing. The piece examines how working class identities need to be obscured in order to find a position within the middle class world. The piece considers the limitations of being a working class artist, where restrictions in terms of resources and opportunities can make progress only possible through clichés and endless repetition.