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‘Die Sachverhalten: 45 Kollaborative Zeichnungen
(States of Affairs: 45 Collaborative Drawings)’

States of Affairs: 45 Collaborative Drawings is an exhibition and a publication that will consist of 45 collaborative drawings exploring transdisciplinary conversations between Kate Pelling – a British artist based near Frankfurt – and 9 other international artists from a range of disciplinary backgrounds: Otelo M F (Portugal/UK), Snežana Golubović (Serbia/Germany), Daniel Hartlaub (Germany), Barbara Jones (UK), Aaron McPeake (UK), Rachel Parry (UK), Katja Pudor (Germany), Paul Ryan (UK) and Gloria Zein (Germany).

The drawings begin with 5 objects – a diary, a money pot, a telephone, some roses and a wallpaper scraper – these objects take into account the themes of time, money, communication, emotions and work. The drawings will be exchanged between myself and the participants a number of times so that visual conversations can develop.

The exhibition is particularly apt in relation to the fact that Kate Pelling is a British artist living in Germany – the exhibition will show that, despite Brexit, it is important to continue conversations across borders.

Launched alongside the exhibition there will be a publication that will explore the process of making the exhibition and will expand on the conversations between the artists involved. The publication will be published by Fifth Floor Publications, it will be written in English and translated into German.