The Proxy Hypothesis


Video 15:49 Mins. DVD available upon request.

© Kate Pelling 2010


Participants: Michael Twaits; Fancy Chance; David Hoyle; Nathan Evans; Ophelia Bitz


Aims and Objectives: The objective of The Proxy Hypothesis was to create a video of approximately 15 minutes from the results of an extended isolated improvisation to camera by five individual performers whose usual practice is live performance in front of an audience. Through the editing process I aimed to evidence a specific non-performance situation within each performer’s action in order to investigate the performers’ relationship with themselves, their understanding of performance and with the technology of the video camera. 


Method: Prior to filming each of the five participants were given a brief outline of the intention of The Proxy Hypothesis and made aware that they were welcome to wear anything clothing/costume they wanted to. Footage of other participants already filmed as part of the project was not disclosed to any participant before filming had occurred.

The participants attended a location in Walworth, London, separately to complete their individual section of filming. Each participant was asked to take position in front of a backdrop directly facing a video camera. Two studio lights lit the participant from each side of the camera. A bottle of water and a glass were provided on a table nearby. A microphone was provided and the participant was asked to engage directly with the camera in whatever manner they wanted to for as long as possible; the capacity of the MiniDV tape in the camera was one hour. The camera was switched on with the camera monitor facing the participant and they were left alone in the room.

I would edit the resulting video using Final Cut Pro in order to produce an approximately 15 minute video which would then be shown in public alongside other artists' moving image works.